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About Edens Bridge Page

About Eden's Bridge...

How it began

Edens Bridge bandEden's Bridge came into existence in 1993, born from a number of musical rambling sessions by siblings, Sarah and Richard Lacy.  Along with David Bird, they wrote a number of songs and instrumentals together.

Delighted with the results and overwhelmed by their own modesty, the trio resolved that "this stuff was too good to keep quiet".

Their first public performance came at Christmas that year...

The place was packed, shoulder to shoulder.

An impressive feat for any new band.

Slightly less impressive however, is the fact that it was done in a living room at a party.

Still, it felt good...


Greatly encouraged by their massive audience potential, Dave, Sarah and Richard started to write at a serious pace.  Aided by a trusty Roland drum machine and a somewhat questionable fretless bass sample, the trio headed off (along with Merlin the dog) to a rented farmhouse in Wales to start recording demos.  The area in question could be described as 'nowhere' and the farmhouse was right in the middle.

The owner lived in a caravan behind the farm; a friendly and generous man, who loved the place.  But warmth, hot water and comfort were not even a mystery to him; merely an irrelevance...  Think of the farmhouse in "Withnail and I" and you're on the right track.

Undeterred, the music flowed and some of the band's best loved and well known songs were written there, including Stones And Sea, Fear No Evil and Into The Light.

On their return to Yorkshire, Dave, Sarah and Richard started work at Richard's studio, recording the material properly.  Realising the drum machine / bass sample combo were "a bit rubbish" and that "it's not the 80s any more", the search for two more musicians began. Any number of bass players were tried and they were all great musicians, but no one 'felt right'. It was going to require someone who could breathe musical life into the low-end, rather than just play the bass notes as a session musician.  The answer came in the shape of Jon Large. Richard had known Jon for years and was well aware that he played bass, but had never heard a note. Hailing from Cumbria, Jon was at studying Chemistry at York University. Richard sent a tape and invited him over to the studio to play on some tracks. The result was amazing and the rest (as they say) is history.

Edens Bridge Fear No EvilA random conversation with David Bruce at Alliance music, brought Terl Bryant into the picture.  Terl considered the offer for a day or two, then packed every drum he owned into his car and headed North. Richard realised very quickly that he'd never ask Terl to play a specific thing - rather it was best to let him play whatever he felt inside  - As well as the drum set, this came to include all sorts of conventional percussion (often in some very unconventional ways), bells, gongs, bits of wood, spanners, dustbins, boxes of ball-bearnigs, a huge frame-drum called Edmund, a small one called Albert (named after Sarah and Richard's father), a 50 gallon water tank and on one occasion, even played his own chest...  The result was as unconventional as his instruments, but was more powerful than anything the band could have imagined.


The sound from Terl and Jon's solid and imaginative engine room, when combined with Dave's intricate guitar work, Richard's keyboard soundscapes and Sarah's haunting vocals, were working together for the first time. And with a helping hand from piper Troy Donockley, the "group voice" of Eden's Bridge was born.


Eden's Bridge All In A LifeThe EMI years

That first living room gig proved more important than anyone could have imagined, because it was done at the home of record producer and publisher, Chris Norton. Chris had watched the band's development with interest and in 1995, he headed to Nashville with a tape of the band's newly completed album entitled 'Fear No Evil'. Chris and the tape ended up at EMI, where the suits proclaimed it 'authentic and powerful'. Chris returned to the UK with some paperwork and a very modest budget enabling the band to do some more recording.  EMI had decided to take the album of Eden's Bridge original songs and split it into two separate releases, adding a number of well known and traditional songs.  They'd had an idea to create a series of Celtic albums featuring Eden's Bridge as the main contributor.  The Celtic series sold well and paved the way for the band's 1999 album All In A Life.  At Christmas that year, Eden's Bridge reached No7 is the US Billboard World Music Charts. 1999 was also the year that Michael McGoldrick joined on Uilleann Pipes and Whistles.


And beyond to independence

Eden's Bridge Isle Of TidesWith their EMI contract fulfilled, the band opted to become independent and spent the next two years working on the critically acclaimed Isle Of Tides. This was the band's most accomplished work and to this day, remains something that they are immensely proud of. If you're unfamiliar with this one, you should get hold of a copy...










Eden's Bridge Live In A Little RoomTowards the end of 2003, with ten busy but enjoyable years behind him, Dave decided that it was time to call it a day. He played his final gig in December at the end of the Live In A Little Room acoustic tour.  This gig was recorded for posterity and released as a very limited-edition CD of the same name at the end of 2004. The album sold out quickly, but to mark the (random) sixth anniversary (and to honour a lot of requests) the band have decided to produce another limited run of this album. You can find it in the shop now.







By 2004 Terl and Jon had also decided it was time to move on. Three new musicians arrived to take care of drums, bass and guitar; old friends Phil Crabbe, Tim Harries and Barrie Gledden respectively.  A one off Celtic project for Maranatha was recorded in 2005.  After its release, Sarah and Richard decided that after 12 years of intense work, it was time from a break and to do something different.

Northern Lights

Wanting to try something new, Sarah and Richard, along with Mike, Barrie, Tim and fiddle player Nick Haigh, recorded an all acoustic album under the name Northern Lights. Originally titled The View From The North, the album was released by a small label, who for some unknown reason changed the album title to Someone Else's Eyes.    This one can be hard to get hold of; poor management and a lack of publicity saw the album disappear before fans of the band had even heard about it!  There is good news though...   The band have now reclaimed the rights and will be re-releasing The View From The North in its original form, as a speacial limited edition in November 2012.

2011, The Seasons and the present.

After a lengthy break, Eden's Bridge have returned. Not only is the band back, but the band is back together in its original line up for the first time in seven years.  In 2011, Sarah, Dave, Richard, Terl and Jon returned to the studio together.  Recording took 12 months and the result?  A special set of four (long) EPs, which were released at three month intervals throughout 2011, each CD based on one of the four seasons of the year in which they were written. 

The Seasons themselves, are very much about change and the new recordings have inspired the band into a fresh approach in writing and recording.  The songs are new, but still undeniably Eden's Bridge. 

First Leaf,  The Longest Day,  Fading Light  and The Winter Sings  are available now exclusively through our online shop.

The band is currently working on more new music.




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